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Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair 2010

The 2010 Craft & Quilt Fair in Brisbane was a major success! We were in a new location, had some great new products, and took part in the Craft Talk panels that were held every day throughout the show. As always our classes were full so make sure you get in early for next years show. The beading demonstrations were very popular with the fair visitors and we also received a lot of great feedback. Visitors were most keenly interested in seeing traditional vs contemporary techniques.

All of the pieces that were demonstrated at the fair are available in the Kits category. So if you were at the fair, saw something you liked, but didn't pick up a kit on the day - you'll find it in our Kits category.

For the 2011 fair, we hope to be in the same position, but even if we arent, simply look at the maps that are available as you walk in, or failing all else simply look for the man with the coloured hair (Yes it was Purple!!!)


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