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Bead Tips Double Full Ring style - Black

Bead Tips Double Full Ring style - Black

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Bead Tips Double Full Ring style - Black

One packet of Double Full Ring Style Bead Tips.

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 7mm from fold to end
  • Knot Cover: 4mm in diameter
  • Quantity: Each packet contains 5 grams (approx 60 pieces.)

Bead Tips are also known as charlotte crimps, clam shell crimps, crimp covers or clamshell knot concealers. Bead Tips are used to conceal knots or crimps in necklaces and earrings. To use them simply thread your stringing through the small hole in the side of the crimp and finish off your necklace with a knot or bead crimp then cut off any excess. Close the cover and attach the loop onto a clasp to complete your design.

Please Note: It is NOT recommended to use them in place of standard crimps or crimping techniques.

Lead Free & Nickel Free.

In Stock: 48



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