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Goldstone Round Cameo Clasp

Goldstone Round Cameo Clasp

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Goldstone Round Cameo Clasp

One Goldstone Round Cameo 3 Strand clasp. The metal base of the clasp is dark silver or nickel tone plated and has a round Goldstone cameo as the centrepiece. The metal base is lead free and nickel free.

The overall measurement of the clasp (including loops) is 40mm in diameter.  It is a multi-strand clasp and has a pinch open removable clip as the fastener. Please note that the photo shows both the front and the back of the clasp. The cameo stone in the middle of the clasp is Goldstone and measures 31mm in diameter. It has the fine sparkle glitter that makes Goldstone so attractive to the eye. Although all forms of Goldstone regardless of colour are technically heavily copper laden glass, it is the amount of metal in the glass that gives it the weight and cold to touch feel that is indicative of stone, henceforth why it is classified as a gemstone. 

  • Shape: Round
  • Size/Measurements: 31mm in diameter (stone only) or 40mm including loops and rings
  • Number of Loops: 3
  • Colour/Composition: Dark Silver or Nickel Tone. Lead Free and Nickel Free

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