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Sparkling Coral Necklace Kit

Sparkling Coral Necklace Kit

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Sparkling Coral Necklace Kit

This kit includes all of the materials and beads to make the Sparkling Coral Necklace as featured in Creative Beading Magazine Issue 7-3.

This stunning Necklace makes great use of a wonderfully blended combination of Pomegranate Sponge Coral, Watermelon Quartz and Glass Button Roundels, as well as Peach and Rosealine Crystal beads, with a handy dose of silver plated bicones as well. The colour combination combines a range of warm colours for Mothers Day and beyond.

  • Also available are the Sparkling Coral Earring kits for you to create a complete set.
  • The kit comes with FULLY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to create this magnificent Necklace.
  • The kit does not include the tools required to make this piece.

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