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Sapphire Glass Frangipani Button Bead - 14mm

Sapphire Glass Frangipani Button Bead - 14mm

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Sapphire Glass Frangipani Button Bead - 14mm

One full strand of Frangipani Shaped Glass Button Flower Beads with White Size 6 Seed Bead spacer. The beauty of these beads is unable to be fully captured by a photo due to the way they reflect under different lighting conditions. The hole is side drilled behind the flower to make it a button style bead.

  • Colour: Sapphire
  • Shape: Frangipani Button Flower. A five petal flower with a side drilled hole.
  • Size/Measurements: 9mm in height, 14mm width
  • Strand Length: 38cm
  • Beads per Strand: approximately 35 beads

They are great to use as attachments to bracelets or necklaces and can also be used as buttons for your beading or other project. They can also be threaded onto an eyepin or headpin to use as a connector or charm.   

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