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Nunn Design Sealant

Nunn Design Sealant

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Nunn Design Sealant

One tube of Nunn Design Sealant. Nunn Design Sealant can be used to prevent ink bleeding and discolouration caused by finish glazes absorbing into paper, transfer sheets or rubber stamped images.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Contents: 2 US fluid ounce (approx 60ml or 56.8grams)
  • Can be used with Magic-Glos™ Resin on non waterproof images only.
  • Ensure the image is completely dry before using resin
  • Paint a thin coat over images to protect and adhere (features a light adhesive)
  • Seals paper, transfers, and rubber stamped images giving the images a protective coating against bleeding or running.
  • Product of the USA

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