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Hot Pink Frangipani - 2 pack

Hot Pink Frangipani - 2 pack

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Hot Pink Frangipani - 2 pack

One Hot Pink Polymer Clay Frangipani with Fine White tips. Each Frangipani is handmade and is slightly different. All of the frangipanis have a hole through the back making them a Button Style bead. They feature a Hot Pink to Pink petal tipped with a fine White edge and a Light Orange coloured centre. The hole is side drilled behind the flower to make it a button style bead.

  • Colour: Hot Pink Petals, Fine White tips, Light Orange centres
  • Shape: A five (5) petal Frangipani.
  • Size/Measurements: Width 34-36mm, Depth 9-12mm
  • Unit Size: 2 piece
  • Hole: Side Drilled Button Style

They are ideal to use as a feature in bracelets, necklaces and can also be used as buttons for your beading or other projects. They can also be threaded onto an eyepin or headpin to use as a feature connector or charm.

  • Due to the fact that all monitors are not created equal, this photo may not show the subtle differences in the pibk colours of the petals. The original article is much more spectacular in person.

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