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Turquoise Howlite Lentil - 15mm

Turquoise Howlite Lentil - 15mm

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Turquoise Howlite Lentil - 15mm

One full strand of Turquoise Lentil beads. The beads are Turquoise that has been dyed and stabilised. Stabilising and dying the beads also ensures that the Turquoise is colourfast and will not leech colour. The beads feature striped veins and lines across the bead

  • Shape: Round Lentil - a coin shape with tapered edges
  • Colour: Blue/Light Blue Natural Dyed Turquoise
  • Size/Measurements: diameter 15mm, 5-6mm thick
  • Strand Length: 39cm
  • Beads Per Strand: approximately 27

Please note that the photo is taken close up to show natural flaws and inclusions that are common to all Gemstones and give them their unique qualities.

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