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Green Banded Agate Ovals

Green Banded Agate Ovals

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Green Banded Agate Ovals

One full strand of Green Banded Agate Oval beads. Each strand is unique with colours ranging from Green to Dark Green with bands of White, plus touches of Pale Amber and Mint, with opaque and translucent bands/stripes of white and clear throughout. These beads have a smooth natural hand shaped finish. Each bead is unique, each strand is individual and no two strands are identical.

  • Shape: Flat Oval with a slight twist
  • Size/Measurement: length 49-52mm, width 26-28mm, 6-7mm thick
  • Strand Length: 37cm
  • Beads Per Strand: approximately 7

Please note that the photo is taken close up to show natural flaws and inclusions that are common to all Gemstones and give them their unique qualities.


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