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Fireside Silky Knit Scarf

Fireside Silky Knit Scarf

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Fireside Silky Knit Scarf

One fine silky knit scarf. Each scarf has a stitched edge. The fabric is a fine silky knit with a crinkled appearance. The fabric also has some stretch and is lightly gathered and textured.

  • Colour: Bright Red & Black
  • Length: approx 170cm (1.7m)
  • Width: approx 50-55cms


  • Please note with Tie-dyed scarfs that each one is unique and no two are exactly the same as the scarfs have been hand dyed to produce the random mottled colour patterns

These scarfs are great on their own but are even better when paired with any of our range of Scarf End Caps. Check them out for yourself!!!

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