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Pink Triflower Lampwork Drop

Pink Triflower Lampwork Drop

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Pink Triflower Lampwork Drop

One Triflower Drop shaped Lampwork Glass Pendant.

  • Colour: Clear glass with Pink & White flowers and a Green and White speckled background.
  • Length: 34-37mm
  • Width: 17-18mm (at widest point)
  • Depth/Thickness: 8-9mm
  • Hole/Loop: Handmade Top Rear at back of pendant (3-4mm inner size)

The pendant is in the shape of a Drop. The pendant is handmade and has a domed front and flat back. The pendants have a Clear glass base and top layer. Each pendant has 3 Pink and White Flowers encased in the pendant using the explosion technique with Green and White speckles in the background. Each pendant has been handmade from Lampworked glass and is unique in its variation of the colour scheme.

Multiple Pendants are shown to demonstrate the individuality of each of the pendants.

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