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Light Coconut Velvet Coated Flat Oval

Light Coconut Velvet Coated Flat Oval sale

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Light Coconut Velvet Coated Flat Oval

One full strand of Velvet Coated Flat Oval shaped beads. These beads have a lighter coat of finer velvet flocking and in certain light the clear acrylic base bead can be seen

  • Shape: Flat Oval tapered/pinched at both ends
  • Colour: Light Coconut
  • Hole: Side Drilled
  • Size/Measurements: Length 22-23mm, Width 16-17mm, Depth 9-10mm at thickest point
  • Strand Length: 35cm
  • Beads Per Strand: approximately 16

These beads are acrylic beads with a finely textured Velvet Coating and are soft to touch. They are great to use as a lightweight feature bead.

  • Please note that the photo is taken close up under studio photographic lighting. The beads do not have a "hairy" appearance unless viewed under harsh lighting and under high magnification.

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