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Black & Charcoal Frangipani - 2 pack

Black & Charcoal Frangipani - 2 pack

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Black & Charcoal Frangipani - 2 pack

One Black Polymer Clay Frangipani with White tips. Each Frangipani is handmade and is slightly different. All of the frangipanis have a hole through the back making them a Button Style bead. They feature a Charcoal and Black petal tipped with a White edge and a Yellow coloured centre. The hole is side drilled behind the flower to make it a button style bead.

  • Colour: Black Petals, Fine White tips, Yellow centres
  • Shape: A five (5) petal Frangipani.
  • Size/Measurements: Width 35-36mm, Depth 10-13mm
  • Unit Size: 2 piece
  • Hole: Side Drilled Button Style

They are ideal to use as a feature in bracelets, necklaces and can also be used as buttons for your beading or other projects. They can also be threaded onto an eyepin or headpin to use as a feature connector or charm.

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