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6mm Cobalt Crystal Bicone

6mm Cobalt Crystal Bicone

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6mm Cobalt Crystal Bicone

One packet/bag of 6mm Crystal Bicone beads. 

The Crystal Bicones are A Grade Crystal with clear defined facets. These Crystal Bicone beads are cut crystal and have a sheen and sparkle to them that is characteristic only to crystal (leaded glass) beads. Add a touch of sparkle to your next creation or simply use tham as a great spacer bead to style up your personal jewellery collection.

  • Colour: Cobalt
  • Shape: Bicone
  • Length: 5.5mm
  • Width: 6mm
  • Beads per Packet/Bag: 25 beads

 The true beauty and magnifience of these beads is unable to be truly captured by a photo due to the way they glisten and reflect under different lighting conditions. Even though Crystal beads contain lead, it is less than 100 parts per million and in general terms can be classified as lead free.

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