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Bright Gold Floral Heart Scarf Ends

Bright Gold Floral Heart Scarf Ends

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Bright Gold Floral Heart Scarf Ends

One pair of Floral Heart Scarf Ends.

  • Colour: Bright Gold
  • Material: CCB Plated Plastic
  • Quantity: One Pair (2 items)
  • Attachments: 1 x Round Cone shaped Scarf End Cap with 1 x large 3D Rose Bead and a Heart shaped feature decorated with an ornate leaf and flower pattern.
  • Floral Heart Feature Measurements (individual): 47mm x 47mm
  • Cap Length: 26.5mm (including loop)
  • Cap Width: 21mm
  • Total Measurements (including Cap and attachments): 10.5cm

The Floral Heart Scarf Ends feature an ornate leaf and flower pattern inlaid into a flattened Heart shaped feature attachment attached to a large 3D patterned Rose Bead attached to the cap.

  • We recommend that you attach these scarf ends with a 2 part epoxy glue as follows. Coat the inside of one scarf end cap generously with mixed epoxy glue. Insert one end of the scarf and if needed use a bamboo skewer to ensure all of the bottom edge of the scarf is fully inside the end cap. Repeat this step for the other end of the scarf. Let the glue dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you intend to add on a Scarf Pendant or a Scarf Bail ensure that you thread it onto the scarf before gluing both ends onto the scarf.
  • All of the caps, charms and ends on the Scarf ends are made from CCB or plated plastic with links (jumprings) made from brass based plated metal. This includes all caps, all charms and all of the attached beads and focal pieces.

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