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Multi-Coloured Magnesite Skull

Multi-Coloured Magnesite Skull

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Multi-Coloured Magnesite Skull

One full strand of Multi-Coloured Turquoise Magnesite Skull shaped beads.  The skull is a slim shape and has recessed eye sockets and closed mouth with teeth. Each strand features multiples of a mix of colours as listed below. Each Strand has a different mix of colours and no two are the same.

  • Shape: Skull
  • Hole: Top Drilled from top to bottom of skull
  • Colour: Off White, Hot Pink, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Dark Red, Dark Purple and Green
  • Size/Measurements: length 13mm, depth 13mm, width 12mm
  • Strand Length: 40cm
  • Beads Per Strand: approximately 31

Magnesite is also known as Synthetic Turquoise and is highlighted by the veins that are a dominant feature in Magnesite beads and give the appearance of turquoise. Please note that the photo is taken close up to show natural flaws and inclusions common to all types of Gemstones.


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