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Blue Turquoise Ceramic Donuts

Blue Turquoise Ceramic Donuts

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Blue Turquoise Ceramic Donuts

One strand of Fully Glazed Ceramic Donuts. These Ceramic Donuts have a smooth glossy surface, fully glazed with a high fired stoneware like glaze

  • Colour: Blue Turquoise - (Turquoise/Blue with Black Speckle)
  • Shape : Donut with Round Hole
  • Donut Hole Size: 7mm - 8mm
  • Stringing Hole: Lengthways
  • Stringing Hole Size: 2.5mm - 3mm
  • External Size/Measurements: diameter 28mm, 8.5mm thick
  • Donut Wall Measurements: 10.5mm
  • Strand Length: 16cm approximately
  • Beads per Strand: approximately 6 beads

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