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Opal Sky Glass Leaves

Opal Sky Glass Leaves

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Opal Sky Glass Leaves

One packet of Glass Leaves in translucent glass. These leaves will change colour as the lighting conditions alter. The photo above shows the effects of warm lighting on the right side of the picture (warm white, etc) and cold lighting (daylight, cool white, etc) on the left.

  • Colour: Opal Sky
  • Quantity: 25 leaves per packet.
  • Size: length 18mm, width 13mm
  • Hole: Top drilled
  • Markings: Leaf veins have been carved on one side. The reverse side is smooth

TIP: To get leaf beads to sit correctly on headpins or eyepins, thread the headpin or eyepin from front to back, bend at right angle at the back, form a wrapped loop so that loop sits on top of the leaf and at a right angle to the leaf.

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