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Seriously Hot Pink Earring Kit

Seriously Hot Pink Earring Kit

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Seriously Hot Pink Earring Kit

This kit includes all of the materials and beads to make the SERIOUSLY HOT Pink Earrings as featured in the "10 FUNKY Earrings" feature in Creative Beading Magazine Issue 10-2.

These are a combination of the brightest hottest pink shell , crackle and crystal ever put into the one piece. Bring a dazzling burst of colour into your Earring collection with these stunning colourful Earrings. Break the mould with a splash of colour and excitement and be the envy of pink lovers evrywhere.

  • Part of the 10 FUN earrings collection. Why not get all 10 to complete the set.
  • The kit comes with FULLY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to create these magnificent Earrings.
  • The kit does not include the tools required to make this piece.



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