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Lipstick Rubber Coated Flat Diamond

Lipstick Rubber Coated Flat Diamond sale

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Lipstick Rubber Coated Flat Diamond

One full strand of Rubber Coated Flat Diamond shaped beads.

  • Shape: Flat Diamond, bevelled to a centre point.
  • Colour: Lipstick
  • Hole: Side Drilled large hole. 2.5-3mm
  • Size/Measurements: Length 23mm, Width 21mm, Depth 6mm approx
  • Strand Length: 39cm
  • Beads Per Strand: approximately 17

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process the beads may have a tacky or sticky feel to them sometimes. This is a manufacturing residue and can be washed off before use, by utilising any mild liquid soap/detergent mixed with warm water. Allow beads to dry on paper towel before use.

These beads are Rubber Coated acrylic with a matt metallic look and a a silky soft texture when clean. The large hole makes them ideal for using with round waxed cotton or leather cord. Please note these beads are not colourfast. There will be some colour transfer when the beads are wet but the colour of the beads does not diminish. As with all beads (especially rubber coated ones) try to limit exposure to water and perfume. Talcum powder applied to the beads will restore the silky texture if required.

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